Rotate logs without killing Apache

Rotate logs without killing Apache

This directory contains the zwrotlogs program which enables to rotate the log files without killing Apache. The distribution contains the source code as well as the binary for OS/2 Warp Connect 3.0 or OS/2 Warp 4.0. There is nothing special in the code, therefore it should easily compile on any UNIX platform.

You can view its documentation zwrotlogs.txt. The documentation is also included in the ZIP file, therefore it is not necessary to download this file.

In order to ensure authenticity I provide detached signatures of the ZIP file for both PGP 2.6.3i and 5.0 including my public PGP key. The public key is also available from keyservers.
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[   ]zwrotlogs-263.sig2001-02-21 00:36 295 Detached PGP signature for 2.6.3i
[   ]zwrotlogs-50.sig2001-02-21 00:33 316 Detached PGP signature for 5.0
[   ]zwrotlogs.zip2001-02-21 00:32 45KOS/2 binary + source
[TXT]zwrotlogs.txt2001-02-21 00:31 5.3KDocumentation (included in ZIP)
[TXT]z_wagner-263.asc1999-12-22 13:59 673 Public key for 2.6.3i
[TXT]z_wagner-50.asc1999-12-22 13:58 3.1KPublic key for 5.0

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