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Apache This used to be an experimental WWW server but a long time ago it was turned into a production site.

The Apache documentation is also installed here.

This is not a dedicated WWW server, this is just a PC which is used for everyday interactive work (including program development and debugging). Multitasking and multithreading in OS/2 is so good that a single PC can serve all these purposes at the same time. The PC was originally (several years ago) equipped with processor 80486 at 66 MHz with 16 MB RAM and 512 MB HD (and Apache worked fine on it!). I started with Apache 1.1.3 and found that it was very easy to do things which I did not manage to do with MS IIS on Windows. Moreover, the PC was shared by several users. The nickname of the main user was Hroch which means Hippo. Thus the machine name was and will always be hroch486 (links to this computer exist on a great many sites). Nowadays the server runs on GNU/Linux.

More information can be found on my personal page.

The server provides various web tools (form tester, link checker). There is also an enhanced log rotation program.

I have rewritten the shell scripts for making certificates into Rexx. You can get both my scripts and a contributed package.

The services on my computer are permanently watched by Rexx scripts and if some service fails, it is restarted. Thus I am sure that the server is never down for a long time. The scripts are not general and you will probably have to modify them. You can use them as an example.

This is a link to information for members of Board of CSTUG (for authorized users only, password is required). It is available over HTTPS only, the certificate for this server was issued by the Certification authority of the Institute of Chemical Process Fundamentals (see below).

This server uses certificate issued by the Certification Authority of the Institute of Chemical Process Fundamentals. The certificate of this authority can be installed into your browser from the CA's web page.

Photo. The page is maintained by Z. Wagner <zdenek.wagner@gmail.com>.
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