Form Testing

When you desing a form, you should check whether it is parsed correctly. One way to do it is to send the filled in form to an "echo" script. Such scripts are provided on numerous WWW servers. I wrote such a script using IBM VisualAge C++. The script returns all environment variables (both standard ones and Apache extensions) and parsed input from the form. It recognizes both the GET and POST methods. You can use it by specifying

<form method="post" action="">

for the POST method or

<form method="get" action="">

for the GET method.

The "echo" program is written in Perl but Perl scripts cannot be run directly in OS/2. Therefore we first start a simple CMD batch which does nothing but invokes Perl with the script.

Too extremely simple forms are provided:

  1. GET method
  2. POST method

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Last modification: 8 Aug 1997