Zdeněk Wagner - presentations to lectures

This page contains presentations to some of my lectures. All of them are PDF files. They will automatically open in the presentation mode, therefore it is better to save them to your local disk rather than view them directly from the WWW browser. The lectures are divided thematically.

Gnostic theory (mathematical gnostics)

Application of Gnostic Theory to Analysis of Particle Size Distribution was presented on the Czech-Finnish Aerosol Symposium and its extended abstract was published in:
Wagner Z., Zdimal V., Smolik J.: Application of Gnostic Theory to Analysis of Particle Size Distribution. Czech-Finnish Aerosol Symposium, Report Series in Aerosol Science, No 56, p. 164-168, Prague, Czech Republic, 23-26 May 2002.

Lecture Gnosticka teorie neurcitych dat (priklady aplikaci) was presented on 9th April 2003 in Czech at the Charles University.

Lecture Stanoveni distribuce velikosti castic v aerosolu s vyuzitim gnosticke teorie was presented (in Czech) on 30th April 2004 in the Institute of Chemical Process Fundamentals of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic. After presenting the lecter a better algorithm for determination of parameters of local distribution function was developed. It will be presented on international conference ChemStat 2004.

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