Z. Wagner - Apache/2

I started to use Apache in 1996 (it was version 1.1.3) for these reasons:

Application of the Apache server is the basis for the project of Network Computing via World Wide Web.

I developed a few tools for use with Apache:

Web Tools:
a script for testing HTML forms and a script for checking validity of links on WWW pages
modification of the rotlogs program for rotation of the Apache log files
SSL certificates:
Rexx scripts for creation and signing zertificates in OS/2
a Rexx script (for OS/2) which monitors availability of selected network services and can automatically restart daemons

I wrote HOWTO for file upload in PHP.

A PHP script for testing the cryptographic module mod_mcrypt is available from my private page icebearsoft.euweb.cz/php/.

I wrote a document on content negotiation in PHP scripts.

You can find more information on the main page of this server.

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