TRYA bug

TRYA bug

Original post from Prof. Dr. Juergen Hanneder:

I have a question on XeTeX with Devanagari.

The conjunct consonant trya when printed with the font Sanskrit 2003 is not correct (त्र्य), although the correct form is produced by simply changing to the "Nakula"-font. (The appended document contains all the files.)

Now Sanskrit 2003 contains the correct ligature on position U+e11c. Since all parameters are the same, I guess, because the same document produces in one font the wrong, in the other the correct result, the question is: where is the mechanism that creates the problem. Is it inbuild in the font (and occurs just in XeTeX)?

My tests:

Thus it seems that the problem is in the xetex binary. Zdeněk Wagner,

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