SMPS Košetice

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These pages contain plots of particle size distributions measured at Košetice, Czech Republic, station code CZ0003R. The data are provided by Vladimír Ždímal.

The data were first filtered in the time domain by a series of Chebyshev polynomials of the second kind using a moving window. The graphs note three numbers: the order of the polynomial, the number of preceding points in the moving window, the number of following points in the moving window. Higher order and narrower window preserves fast phenomena, local changes of distribution remain visible. Smaller order and wider window filters out the local changes and the result represent the background distribution. Algorithms of Mathematical gnostics are used for filtrations as well as estimation of particle size distribution.

Diagnostic variables (flows, relative humidities and temperatures of aerosol and sheath) are also plotted for NRT data. These variables are not reprocessed in any way. They are therefore displayed whenever the data arrive which is usually minute 17 every hour. It may happen that the scan is not running or the instrument does not work properly so that the PSD cannot be determined but the diagnostic variables are still being sent. In such a case only the diagnostic variables are plotted.

The diagnostic variables are being displayed in near real time since 24 February 2011. The older plots were made ex post.

The CPC parameters can be found in the CPC configuration file (this is a symbolic link to the file that is being used in calculation). The format is documented in the EUSAAR reporting software that is avalable in the subversion repository (it can be viewed by a web browser).

Zdeněk Wagner